Do you have what it takes to become a powerful wizard? Make your friends grovel in front of you when they see your mastery of magic spells!

Clash of Wizardry is a game that will let you learn magic spells and duel against other wizards in an arena. More powerful spells require more skills but they are also more effective and take down your opponent faster.
The game is now available for free in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

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About the Project

About the Project

A group of wizards casted a spell that brought together teachers, developers and researchers from all over Europe (Portugal, Germany, Italy and Greece). This gathering of minds, with the support of the High Council Portuguese National Agency of the Erasmus+ programme, conceived this project: E-MaGIC. Clash of Wizardry, E-MaGIC project’s game, is a magical duelling arena where you can practice your mastery in maths, but this arena does not exclude anybody, whether you are a math genius or just striving to get better, there is a challenge that fits you!

Using the most recent scrolls of power, based on national maths curricula, best practices and after talking to great wizards from all the great wizards in schools we developed this magical artefact: Clash of Wizardry to help our little wizards ascend to great masters in maths.

If you are a wizard at a school and want to implement this magical artefact in class, we have the scrolls that you need, just check the EDUCATORS section.

Who are the wizards behind E-MaGIC project:

Ingenious Knowledge is a small company founded in 2010 in Cologne. The company is heavily involved in education research in cooperation with universities world-wide and develops a lot of software tools. One of the main strengths is creating next generation serious games with the aim of making games that are good enough to compete with commercial entertainment games. Ingenious Knowledge has the expertise to develop cutting edge solutions and is eager to spread better education approaches around the world.


Serious Games are becoming increasingly popular as educators begin to unlock their capabilities. Through this serious game, Clash of Wizardry, educators can spark an interest in math in their students who ordinarily struggle with underachievement. Thus, students are enabled to learn and practice by playing, enhancing their motivation.
In this page, educators can find guidelines that will help them use the game as a tool that can be integrated into their daily lessons, including a tutorial and instructional videos that suggest different ways of optimizing learning results for the students they are working with and ways of motivating those who have bad experiences with learning expectations. Moreover, methods for working with students with low basic math skills and ways of integrating the app into their classes are presented.
Currently, both the game and the tutorials are in the development phase.


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